Jan 2, 2013

Time Bending

On New Years Eve we had a little gathering of folks here at the ranch. It was a day of insights and sharing of information including a heart opening ceremony and a little time bending.

During the day and on into the night we had a lot of intriguing conversation and often the topic revolved around time. I brought up a story about a time when I was a kid getting ready for grade school in front of a mirror and I had a “visit” from an older wiser self. Future me told young me that everything was going to be o.k., that I was going to have an interesting life full of travel, and that I would have everything that I needed. So, when I was around 36ish (about how old my future self would have been) I thought about that message, looked into the mirror, and sent it to my younger self.

I like to time travel. Sometimes I send messages to myself. I was sitting on my couch in Venice thinking about a time only a month in the future when I would be sitting on my couch after it (and I) had been moved to the ranch in AZ. I visualized myself there—so that when I was there—I would remember to remember sitting in Venice wondering how this move was going to go down. Once in the new digs I sent a message to my past self telling him that it would be fun, to roll with it, and that things will work out.

Another person has had visits from what she calls "the old folks" which are future versions of her and her husband. The old folks are full of laughter and pass along very detailed insights and messages. There was so much information that she dictated four pages during the first visit. After a while her husband started to receive messages from the old folks as well.

We came up with a great idea for a New Years intention to send messages to our future selves living one year from Dec 31st 2012. The main theme of the message was to send gratitude to our future selves for sending us each messages and guidance throughout the year 2013. The most genius thing about this particular message is that it insures that there will in fact be future selves to send messages to. I saw myself sitting in the circle in the same room here at the ranch next year.

We all went around the room giving our intentions and coming up with some very clever and creative time bending messages. I will let you know what I receive from the future Bill.

Not exactly a DeLorean, but it's a trip seeing my car out front covered in snow.

This is where we are presently (whatever that means). Property line Section 12 and 13.

The passage of time. Mouse mummy excavated in the art studio. 


  1. Hey Bill. I'm enjoying reading your blog entries. Glad things are going so well for you guys. The pictures really give a sense of how it all looks over there. Sounds like the New Year was good for you guys and your future Bill will look back on this time with happiness. Take care and all the best. Say hi to Jana for us! Andrew

    1. Thanks brother. I still want to do 1TM, but this month we have an event scheduled that day. Lets pencil me in for telecommuting during the next one.