Dec 13, 2012

Dear anonymous tagger, I do believe I shall take you up on your request.

Venice Beach

—Long Beach 2003-2008 was a blur.
—Hollywood 2008-2010 was beautifully absurd.
—Venice Beach 2010-2012 was therapy.

The other night I was at the Largo listening to Henry Rollins doing his spoken word thing. He mentioned a quote about Los Angeles as being "No man's city".  I can't remember the name of the quotee. I could probably email Henry. He actually answers all of his email, but I don't think it really matters who said it. The meaning holds true to me. So much goes on here. Everyone has a hustle. Most of my friends and I are living our dreams. Its hard to get time with folks sometimes, even just to have drinks. To paraphrase Henry, (A guy that is on tour or exploring some remote country most of the year) he basically said, "This city is one of those places where you can be gone for an extended time and no one knows that you left. When you're gone you dont really miss LA, and it doesn't miss you either". As far as the city is concerned your just busy working on a project somewhere and one day you will just reappear at The Townhouse or Daikokuya. It knows you will be back. I'm so used to working on the East Coast or traveling that it feels as if I'm not really leaving. I will be back often to visit friends, go to art openings and shows—hopefully to be in a few—and stay connected. The odds are pretty good that I will probably see my LA friends more now that I'll be living 6 hours away and some will even ask, "You still in Venice? Lets hang out maybe next week sometime."

Laterz Southern California. It has been a dream, an extended vacation...surreal.

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